About us

The family behind Mom & Babes

My name is Victoria and I'm the owner of Mom & Babes. Opening Mom & Babes has always been a dream of mine and it has finally come true!

The picture you see here is my family. My husband Carey and our three beautiful kids. Chloe is our oldest, Caven in the middle and Calen is the baby. 

Having Mom & Babes was an idea I've always had, after working in retail for many years of my life, I knew I wanted to have something of my own. Mom and Babes is giving me the ability to have a closer relationship with my customers, new and old! This is the most exciting part for me, I get to listen to my customers and be able to provide what they need!

We are a Canadian business that will support other Canadian brands, but don't worry we know there are amazing brands from other places in the world and we will be carrying those too!

Thank you for supporting Mom & Babes and welcome to our family!