Itzy Ritzy

OUR VISION PARENTING IS A WILD, BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURE We’re here to support you with awesome products, a fun, welcoming community and itzy reminders that you’re doing a great job! Keep being positive, keep being supportive, keep being nice to all the moms out there, everyone's going through a hard time right now—you’re not alone, feel the love, feel confident in yourself, you can do this, you can do hard things, we are proud of you, legitimately own yourself and who you are and be a good person! You’re the best! xo, Kelly – quote taken from an actual Facebook Live OUR MESSAGE WE KNOW LIFE WITH LITTLES Our founders, Kelly and Brian, built Itzy Ritzy while raising three babes. Your wins, your tough days and your best days have been ours too. OUR (SHORT AND SWEET) STORY Kelly and Brian locked eyes working in Manhattan. Kelly—the Midwestern Vanderbilt alum—married her Princeton Tiger. As their family grew from two, to three, to five, so did their passion for creating safe, stylish parenting gear— and the rest is Itzy Ritzy. WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK(PACK) On day one, we committed to real parents like you. We’ll always be here to encourage you with hardworking, cool, and (almost) as-amazing-as-you-are gear, a welcoming community, and the reminder that you’re doing a great job. We see you, we support you, and we LOVE your style. xo, Signature