Baby Wisp

Baby Wisp® Baby and Toddler hair accessories is a company that was born out of the desire to create hair accessories that stayed in baby's wispy fine hair and created subtle compliments to baby girl's wardrobe.   After waiting 9 months for a little girl, most moms can't wait to put a little bow in their precious baby girl's hair...BUT what if she is born without much hair or super fine hair???

 That's what happened to the founder, Beena Masellis.  Considering Beena had a big thick curly mess of hair, it was surprising her baby girl was born with wispy fine hair.  Here she is, the original Baby Wisp baby who's bows just fell off.  Her hair was so silky, nothing would stay in!


Beena started making bows for her baby girl and got enough compliments and requests to make them for other babies that she thought why not sell them?
She handmade every single product and sold them at handmade markets in and around Edmonton, Alberta Canada (hometown). That's how the first direct to consumer Baby Wisp bow was sold.   A few owners of local baby boutiques loved the product and the brand look and approached her to carry them in their stores in Edmonton.  At this time, Beena was doing the side hustle.  Markets on weekends, working full time at the office M-F and managing a baby girl as a first time mom.