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CINNAMON HEARTS: Our limited edition Cinnamon Hearts scented dough smells just like the red hot classic candy! Bright red color.

ROSE: Our most sophisticated scented dough yet! Smells just like a fresh cut bouquet of roses from the garden!

STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE: NEW! This creamy scent smells like the perfect blend of juicy strawberry mixed with vanilla.

WHITE CHOCOLATE: Creamy white dough, scented with a sweet milk chocolate scent.

RASPBERRY TRUFFLE: NEW! Milky chocolate scent mixed with raspberry jam sweetness. Chocolate brown color

RED VELVET: NEW! Chocolate and creamy icing scent. Deep red color.

Handcrafted in Canada. Made from 100% non-toxic ingredients. After opening: store well-sealed in the refrigerator to optimize shelf life. Each dough pot is approximately 100g.

Our modelling dough is intended for play and is NOT edible. Please read our Allergy Alert. Modelling dough is a potential choking hazard and is intended for children 2+.